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10 reasons WashServer & WashVerify are good for your business:

1. Low credit card processing rate saves you money.

2. Credit card users spend more money per transaction.

3. WashVerify authorizes every credit card transaction before service is granted - preventing your business from losing money on denied or stolen credit card accounts.

4. WashServer’s custom labels provide you a 96% savings over the cost of generic magnetic cards.

5. Increase your customer base by introducing a “cashless” payment method.

6. Pre-paid cards promote customer loyalty and allow you to collect money up-front.

7. Using WashServer allows you to manage and control all of your retail locations at once.

8. Pay no credit card transaction fees with WashServer.

9. WashServer and WashVerify give you a cost effective way to market your car wash.

10. WashVerify system has a dual card reading system giving you the option to upgrade to WashServer without purchasing more equipment.

WashServer - Your Key to Success

WashServer is more than a pre-paid, gift card and fleet card service... it’s an excellent tool to market your business.

Most pre-paid card systems require you to use magnetic cards ranging in price from $2-$3 per card. WashServer is a bar codebased system with custom printed labels you print on-site for 96% less than the cost of magnetic cards. Affix a custom label to a business card and you can give free washes to your business contacts and grow your fleet accounts.

Affix a custom label to a postcard and you can mail a free wash to households in your competitor’s market area to grow your customer base. How many new customers could you introduce to your wash if it only cost you less than a penny to create a custom label worth a free car wash? The marketing potential is limitless!

WashServer also allows you to manage and control all of your locations from one site saving you time and money.

WashServer Includes:

 Account on WashServer web server

WashServer Pricing

Add WashServer to any WashVerify System:



Credit card system for self-service car washes.
Pre-paid, gift card and fleet card service.
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