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Product Name: 8 Port System
Price: $4,900.00
Description: A credit card server is the heart of the WashVerify System. The server provides power for the card readers, sends activation signals to the car wash equipment, interfaces directly with the online credit card gateways, and offers the car wash owner detailed reporting. All credit card servers come equipped with a keyboard and mouse. A monitor is required for operation, but is not included (Any VGA monitor is acceptable, although we recommend a 14 or 15 LCD).

Credit card servers come in three models depending on the number of pieces of car wash equipment that is to be activated by a card swipe. Each port can accommodate any card reader or accessory. For example, an 8-Port server can run 7 car wash bays and a receipt printer, while a 16-Port Server can run 7 car wash bays, 7 vacuums, one automatic, and a receipt printer.
Credit card system for self-service car washes.
Pre-paid, gift card and fleet card service.
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