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Product Name: Count Down Reader
Price: $500.00
Description: The Count Down Reader will interface best with any legacy car wash equipment, without having to replace anything. It will work with any car wash equipment where the service or product is activated by receiving the correct amount of coinage. (Examples include wash bays, vacuums, electronic drop shelf vendors, shampoo machines, and fragrance machines.) Typically the count down reader functions as follows: The first swipe adds a fixed dollar amount to the timer, and if the customer requires additional time, additional swipes add a separate dollar amount. (Typically, the first swipe adds $3 of time to the bay timer, and additional swipes add $1). The customer is never required to leave the bay and you are selling time in increments just like with your cash customers.
Credit card system for self-service car washes.
Pre-paid, gift card and fleet card service.
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